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Electric Dream CBD Flowers

Indoor | CBD + CBDA > 24% | THC < 0.2%


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Electric dream CBD flowers have an amazing profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and aromatic compounds. With smells and tastes evocative of pine and fruit sweetness, you will feel relax and at ease. From the consistency, appearance, taste to its effects, you will acquire a high-quality product. Electric dream CBD flower has solid resin content, strong terpenes, and overall great potency due to its AC/DC mother with high contents of other cannabinoids besides CBD, such as CBDA, CBC and CBG, which also have many beneficial properties to human’s health. This strain smells amazingly; it is a mixture of pine and fruity sweetness that will please you and make you feel at ease. Electric dream is one of our customers’ favorite strains, and there is no doubt why; it hits hard, and its use is not recommended to new users; however, it is up to you.
Electric Dream is moist, sticky when touched and its dense ultra-compacted clumps are medium in size and rich with bright green color. This premium batch of hemp is comprised of a nice hand-trimmed green cluster for your viewing, smelling and tasting pleasure.
Our customers have said that Electric Dream CBD Flowers is one of the most aromatic hemp flowers they have smelled. As soon as you open the bag we carefully deliver, we can assure you that a strong and desirable smell is going to fill your nostrils; a deliciously inviting piney sweet fragrance. If you are a fan of piney scents, you must try our electric dream strain, since this flavor stands out when vaped or smoked. You will also taste a hint of citrus before it melts into more of the earthy flavors.
In terms of efficiency, we assure you that it will only take you seconds to feel its effects. It is a perfect product for people who suffer from joint pain, backaches, headaches, and just about any other kind of aches they might have. There is no doubt that this flower will help you to achieve those levels of relaxation and put you in a great mood.
You do not need to concern about the quality of our product; we can only achieve these degrees of excellence by developing rigorous protocols of planting and processing. We grow our hemp plants organically, without the addition of herbicides, pesticides and synthesized fertilizers. Invest in your happiness and health! Choose us and you will not regret it.


Outdoor | CBD + CBDA > 24% | THC < 0.2%





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